Top 10 Hot Spots: Sydney, Australia


Prosciutto-wrapped figs at Watts on Crown (Photo by Brad A. Johnson)

 It’s been a wild year for restaurants in Sydney. Some of the city’s best and trendiest—Ad Lib, Berowra Waters Inn, Bird Cow Fish, Aperitif, Cotton Duck, Etch, Manly Pavilion, Smiths on Bayswater, Montpellier Public House, the list goes on—have abruptly shuttered. The critically acclaimed rising star Becasse filed for bankruptcy in June, but for now it’s still standing. The much-hyped, molecular-infused Gastro Park just emerged from a short hiatus. But despite all the upheaval, the dining mood in Sydney is far from glum. In fact it’s quite cheery, mostly because the slew of new restaurants moving in to fill the gaps are more casual—and much more sensibly priced—than those that have shuttered. Here are 10 of the hottest restaurants in Sydney this winter (our summer). Continue reading

Before & After: Bar H, Sydney, Australia


Before: BBQ Pork and egg noodles at Bar H, Sydney, Australia (Photo by Brad A Johnson)

You’re looking at a massive bowl of Chinese-inspired egg noodles with barbecued pork (char siu) from Bar H in Sydney’s Surry Hills neighborhood. Bar H is a tiny, Asian-inspired corner cafe and bar with about 25 seats and a rising-star chef who has worked in New York’s Gramercy Tavern and Berkeley’s Chez Panisse. These noodles were absolutely fantastic, as evidenced by the next photo.  Continue reading